The Four Stages of Filing for Social Security

There are four different stages that you must go through in order to receive your Social Security benefits and you may be denied at any one of these stages.  Rarely are Social Security disability benefits claim approved directly after an initial application.  The appeals process is strict and can become overwhelming if you are filing on your own.

  • Initial Application (Filing Your Initial Claim, if it is denied you proceed to the next step)
  • Reconsideration (Your Initial Appeal, here is where you can appeal the denial of your claim.)
  • Hearings with the Administrative Law Judge (If your initial appeal is denied, then you can request a live hearing in front of a judge to appeal the decision again.)
  • Appeal to the Appeals Council (If the judge denies your claim, then you have a final appeal)
If you can no longer work because of an illness or injury and need help applying or appealing a claim for Social Security  disability benefits call  our Social Security attorneys at Norman Taylor – Attorneys at Law  in Killeen.