At Normal Taylor PLLC, Social Security Attorneys in Killeen Texas, we are available to assist you with your social security benefits claim or social security benefits appeal. Our firm has experience in all social security areas, including assisting our clients with new SSD and SSI claims and with all levels of the appeals process.

Working with an experienced Social Security law firm from the very beginning of the claim process can save you a great deal of time, stress, and money.

For New Claims, we will

  • Help you determine whether you have an SSD or SSI claim.
  • Assist you in filing your claim to minimize any bureaucratic slow downs or unfair claim denials.
  • Ensure your medical records and other key documentation is in order.
  • Prove you have an injury that interferes with your ability to work.
  • Document your injury with medical evidence.
  • Demonstrate that your injury is expected to last more than one year or that your injury is anticipated to result in your death.

Norman Taylor Attorneys is prepared to assist you with filing your new Social Security claim and to moving your claim towards a speedy approval.

If you have already made a social security claim without an attorney or with another attorney and it has stalled or been denied,our attorneys are ready to assist you with your claim or appeal.

For Claims Denied or Stalled Social Security claims, we will

  • Appeal wrongfully denied social security claims.
  • Properly document your injury or illness for the appeals process.
  • Handle your appeal so you can focus on your family and your health.

Many claims are denied for technical reasons having nothing to do with your injury or illness. Norman Taylor attorneys get to the bottom of your denial to ensure a successful appeal.

Our attorneys will work to get you  all of the benefits you deserve. Call us at Norman Taylor Attorneys at Law, the Social Security Attorneys in Killeen Texas.