Oral Lease Agreements in Texas

In the state of Texas, oral leases are binding contracts so long as the term is not greater than one year. Only in rare cases have oral lease agreements been successfully enforceable under Texas law, for more than a year.

Norman Taylor PLLC – Attorneys at Law, has experience in representing both landlords and tenants with lease disputes.
Some examples of landlord and tenant disputes we have  handled are:
  • Breaches of  rental or lease contracts
  • Early lease terminations
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Wrongful evictions
  • Maintenance obligations of the landlord
  • Return of deposit

If you are a Killeen area landlord or tenant with lease disputes call our office for help. We have experience in successfully helping  landlords preserve their profits while they are working hard to run their businesses, while also helping tenants reside in comfort in a safe and well-maintained home.