One of the most important decisions a traumatic brain injury survivor must make following an accident is choosing the right attorney. Finding the best advocate for your case can be a daunting task, especially for someone with a brain injury.

Choosing an attorney should not be taken lightly because the law makes it tough to fire your personal injury attorney and find a new attorney to take over your case, without incurring fees. These three simple steps will help you find the right Brain Injury Advocate for your case.

1. Identify the Type of Case You Have
Start by identifying your particular accident. If your injury happened in a car crash, then you need an attorney handling auto accident claims. But if your injury occurred in a semi-truck accident, then you need a lawyer that has successfully handled tractor-trailer accidents in the past. The Internet is a great resource to gather general information about your particular accident and finding an attorney with experience dealing with such a case. For example, conduct a web search for “Texas Car Accident Attorney” or “Texas Truck Accident Attorney” etc.

2. Research Your Specific Type of Injury and Your Symptoms
You should also conduct research on your particular type of injury and symptoms. For example, you could perform a web search for “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”, “Mild TBI”, “Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury”, “Severe Traumatic Brain Injury”, “Post-Traumatic Headache”, “Dizziness”, etc.

3. Search for Names of Potential Attorneys
Once you have identified what type of case and the type of injury you have and have done some preliminary internet research, you can begin searching for lawyers that have experience in accident cases that result in injuries to the brain. Again you should turn to the Internet. The Yellow Pages may also be of benefit, however, because there is a limited amount of information that can fit on one page and it is usually an inadequate resource. Television is even less helpful, because of the time limit on the ads and the insistence of some personal injury attorneys on running generic catch-all commercials promising a significant settlement on all types of case and injuries.

Search the web for a lawyer with experience handling your particular type of accident and your specific type of damage, including your symptoms.

Once you have your list of possible agents, you should read their individual websites closely. Check out their organizations to see which they belong. They should belong to organizations that advocate for victims that have survived traumatic brain injuries. Also, look for past settlements and jury verdicts concerning traumatic brain injury.